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Digital Menu

Convenient Use and Attractive Presentation

Digital Order

Simple and Intuitive without Waiting Times

Digital Payment

Quick and Easy
Payment Process

Marketing Campaigns

Targeted advertising strategies

Reward Program

Customer retention and revenue maximization

Click & Collect

Order online and pick up on site

Web-based application for
iOS and Android

Unlike other POS and self-service providers, kvikky creates a complete solutionthat is flexible, integrable and future-oriented.

kvikky is flexible to use as add onor stand alone POS. Our partner for the POS security regulation is fiskaly, which enables us to ensure a flawless TSE connection.

An all-in-one platform that takes into account the individual requirementsof many different gastronomies.

With the unique tools marketing campaignsand reward programtargeted advertising strategies are switched, guests are bound in the long term and sales are maximized.

  • No system change or additional hardware is required!
  • No additional effort required!

One by One


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  • Device independent
  • Modern
  • Simple


  • Attractive
  • Intuitive
  • Quick


  • Simple
  • Organized
  • Various Payment Options


  • Short waiting times
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty


Our Promise

Increase Sales per Order

Experience shows that guests generate up to 30% more turnover with cross- and up-selling.

Quick Order
and Payment

Reduction of waiting times through digital menus and automated ordering and payment process.

Optimized Staff Deployment

Service staff concentrate on serving and on the individual attention of the guests.

Guaranteed Cost

Efficient planning and deployment of service personnel and a low license fee.

Connecting Guests Directly

Implementation and management of personalized campaigns using our marketing tools.

Uncomplicated Management

Easy administration and control with an All-In-One platform. Always and everywhere.

Restaurant Management

More Than Just Administration

  • Management and Admin in One Place
  • User-friendly Handling
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns
  • Cross- and Upselling Tools
  • Entire Overview of All Work Processes
  • Detailed Statistics and Analyses
  • Synchronization and Backups

No Obligation and Free of Charge

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